Thursday, March 18, 2010


On 16 March I was outfitted with a full set of metal braces. I had a consultation with Doctor Steven B. Kupferman the next day, and have learned that I will need both upper and lower jaw surgery--an incision will be made above the teeth on the upper jaw, and between the front teeth--the jaw will then be widened so that my upper teeth will be able to rest on top of my lower teeth. The new jaw position will be held together with titanium plates and screws.

As for my lower jaw, two incisions will be made near the back of the jaw, before the joint. A small section of the jaw will be removed on both sides, and moved from its crooked position to a symmetrical position--the jaw will then be reattached with titanium plates and screws. All incisions will be made inside the mouth apart from two very small incisions which will be made on the face near the earlobes.

Initial photos of my bite (or lack of a bite) and facial structure will be added next week.